Classes & Parties

We will start holding classes and parties when the renovation on the store is complete.
For now, here is a preview of the kinds of classes we will have.
Individual & Group Classes

Beginning Necklaces & Bracelets

Learn how to make single strand jewelry.

$15/person + Cost of Materials.

Beginner Earrings

Learn how to make simple earrings.

$15/person + Cost of Materials.

Intermediate Necklaces & Bracelets

Learn how to make more complicated jewelry, such as multi-strand necklaces.

$15/person + Cost of Materials.

Intermediate Earrings

Learn how to make more complex earrings

$15/person + Cost of Materials.

Chain Maille

Learn the basics of making chain maille jewelry.

$25/person + Cost of Materials.

Wire-Wrapped Stone Pendants

Learn how to make wire-wrapped stone pendants

$25/person + Cost of Materials.

Lampwork Glass Beads

Learn the basics of making lampwork glass beads.

$50 + Cost of Materials (Individual only).

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Jewelry-Making Parties


Guests need instruction and support


$15/person + Cost of Materials


Guests only need support

$15/person + Cost of Materials.


Guests ​are experienced jewelry-makers and need little to no support.

$10/person + Cost of Materials.

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Open Studio
Once we're all set up, we will have free open studio time during our business hours. This means you can come in to work independently and only pay for your materials.
Just like in our Downtown shop, we will have places you can store your leftover materials and ongoing projects.