The beads we sell and use in our jewelry are ones that we've collected over time and through our travels.

Shop our beads for your own jewelry-making, or browse our collections for inspiration when planning your commissioned piece.


Our family has decades of combined experience in jewelry-making.

Shop our finished handmade jewelry, commission your very own custom piece, or even send us jewelry you'd like to have repaired!

Welcome to The Crystal Cave!

Please excuse us during this time of transition. Renovations on our new home and studios have taken much longer than we anticipated. We're hoping to have renovations done on the store and studios by Summer or Fall 2019.
Until we are able to open our physical store, we are continuing to build our online presence. The website is still under development, so keep checking back as we add inventory and updates.
Thank you for following us on our journey!

Fine Art

Anna is a portrait artist who takes commissions. Her artwork will be on display in The Crystal Cave Gallery.

We want to build an artistic community around The Crystal Cave. Local artist, Susan Nicholas Gephart, will teach classes and hold workshops at our store.

Classes & Parties

When the renovations are done, we will hold jewelry-making classes and parties, art workshops, and more!

Although we're not holding classes and events yet, you can check out the "Classes" page to see what kind of classes we'll be giving.